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Inga Huld Hàkonardòttir

Again The Sunset

Do you remember how real it was that time when we were both so coloured by the sun?
Do you remember how real it was that time when we were both clouds? Or we were one cloud rather, a unified cloud coloured pink by the sun...

What is a song anyways?

Again The Sunset is where identity is multiplied over and over again by what it touches. It moves. It is a song, a speech and a story... It is a hard rock made hard when you hold it. It is quiet. And then it gets so loud.

Again The Sunset takes the concept of a love song and stretches its form to a physical and visual unfolding of events. Two performers on stage work together to present rational and abstract contemplations on intimacy through song, movement and musical encounters with materiality. The performance holds many of the characteristics of a concert. The sound world is extra present, physical and aware of its material sources; the inseparability of the body and voice reveals itself as does the inseperability of sound and material. By subtly merging casual intonations with minimal melodies, occasionally transforming them into song, a line is drawn between music and speech. A dance appears as a body remembers imprinted stories from the past. In the manner of a love song, Again The Sunset contemplates relations and borders between the interrior and exterrior, the exterrior being not only a human subject but also reffering to surrounding environments such as objects and forces of nature.

Again The Sunset exists in two editions, as performance and as concert.

Concept choreography and performance: Inga Huld Hákonardóttir
Musical composition and performance: Yann Leguay
Scenography: Inga Hákonardóttir and Yann Leguay
Light design: Gregory Rivoux
Artistic advice: Gaëtan Rusquet
Special thanks to: Lucille Calmel, Sandy Williams, Mette Edvardsen, Rósa Ómarsdóttir, Théophile Gay-Mazas, Aymeric de Tapol, Zakaria Almutlak, Clive Mitchell
Executive production: Kosmonaut

Co-production: DeSingel, MDT Stockholm, KWP- Pianofabriek
With the support of: CAMPO, wpZimmer, STUK
Photography: Stanislav Dobak


PREMIERE: 15th of March 2019:
Bouge B Festival, DeSingel
(Antwerp - BE)

12 jun. 2022 ....... Listahatid Festival (Reykjavik) Performance
07 jun. 2022 ....... Listahatid Festival (Höfn) Concert
06 jun. 2022 ....... Listahatid Festival (Seydisfjordur) Concert
05 jun. 2022 ....... Listahatid Festival (Djupivogur) Concert
06 apr. 2022 ....... Isola (Die) Concert
04 apr. 2022 ....... Le Periscope (Lyon) Concert
01 apr. 2022 ....... Sonic Protest (Paris) Concert
22 jan. 2022 ....... Le Mans Sonore (Le Mans) Concert
02 oct. 2021 ....... Musica (Strasbourg) Concert
21 oct. 2020 ....... Modulation festival (Besançon) Concert
20 oct. 2020 ....... Art school(Belfort) Concert
19 oct. 2020 ....... Klapfon (Basel) Concert
16 oct. 2020 ....... LUFF (Lausanne) Concert
24 sep.2020 ....... STUK (Leuven) Concert
14 Mar. 2020 ....... Sonic Protest (Rennes) Concert
12 Mar. 2020 ....... Sonic Protest (Brest) Concert
11 Mar. 2020 ....... Accueil Froid (Amiens) Concert
08 Mar. 2020 ....... Brut (Wien) Performance
04-05 Mar. 2020 . MDT (Stockholm) Performance
17-18 Feb. 2020 . Les Halles de Schaerbeek (Brussels) Performance
15 Feb. 2020 ....... Buda (Kortrijk) Performance
10 Feb. 2020 ....... Makersdag (Utrecht) Concert.
07 Dec. 2019 ....... Prisme Festival - Mire (Nantes) Concert
06 Dec. 2019 ....... Le 108 (Orleans) Concert
05 Dec. 2019 ....... La Cave40 (Bourges) Concert
22 Nov. 2019 ........ Akouphène Festival - Cave12 (Geneva) Concert
19 Oct. 2019 ........ Densité Festival (Nancy) Concert
13 Oct. 2019 ........ DePerifeer (Deventer NL) Concert
08-09 Oct. 2019 .. DanseHallerne (Copenhagen)Performance
21 June 2019 ...... Vivarium Festival (Brussels) Concert
18 June 2019 ...... Les Ateliers Claus (Brussels) Concert
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13 June 2019 ...... La Quincaillerie (Vénarey les Laumes) Concert